With failing health and loss of independence come feelings of loneliness and discouragement. Though well cared for by kind and capable staff, residents of nursing homes often long for someone who has plenty of time to simply sit and have a chat.

Busy lifestyles and distance frequently mean visits from family members are few and far between, leaving these dear people feeling unwanted. With many friends gone or having health problems of their own, they, too are unable to visit, making these residents feel even more isolated. Often, even churches, being busy with programs to reach young people and families, neglect these precious men and women who have contributed greatly to making our world a better place.

Imagine these same lonely, isolated folks having someone with whom they can share a story from the past. Someone interested in chatting about activities taking place in the community. Someone to talk to about the pictures on their bedside table. Someone who makes them feel valued.

Perhaps that ‘someone’ is you!

We’re Community Chaplain Service Canada Inc. Join us in becoming friends and family to elderly men and women in nursing homes and special care facilities.

We’re a non-profit Christian organization that brings friendship and comfort to the residents of nursing home/special care facilities.

The Community Chaplain Service of Canada // Saint John, NB from Jordan Mattie on Vimeo.

Perhaps you work at a nursing home and would like us to carry out a Bible study for your residents – or just be a friendly listening ear. Let us know and we’ll see about matching up a volunteer with your need.

Or maybe you’ve got a heart towards the elderly and would like to help out in some way. We’d love you to fill out a volunteer application.

Then again, maybe you want to donate to our ministry. We really appreciate your support and we will send you a tax receipt in return.

Please check out our website, and learn about us and the people we help.

Who we are.

Founded in 1972, our goal is especially pertinent in our rapidly aging population. Our ministry is simple – to help the needy elderly. Learn More»

Who we help.

We visit all residents of nursing homes, regardless of affiliation. The people we help may be religious or may not have any religious beliefs. Learn More»

How you can help.

When you sign up as a Volunteer Associate Chaplain, you’re making a difference to men and women in senior’s nursing homes throughout Canada. Learn More»
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