About Us

Founded in 1972, our goal is especially pertinent in our rapidly aging population.

Our ministry is simple – to help the needy elderly.

Too often, too sadly, they’re a forgotten generation. We pay attention to the youth and have many ministries to reach them. But the elderly are forgotten. By the church. By their friends. By their families. Many sit day after lonely day in nursing homes, waiting for someone to visit them, someone to show they care. Waiting, ever waiting.

Christ said to visit the orphans and the widows. He cared about people who hurt. That’s why we provide chaplain services to people in nursing homes.

Our goals are to:

  • Enlist career chaplains to serve Christ in nursing home ministry;
  • Serve nursing home residents wherever staff is available; and
  • Provide training and resources to churches.

We help the nursing home residents in many ways. Some of the services we offer are:

  • bedside visitation to residents who cannot – or do not – leave their rooms;
  • monthly services as requested by the nursing home;
  • counseling of the residents and staff if requested;
  • on-call emergency visits to the home or hospital;
  • memorial services;
  • Bible reading;
  • praying with nursing home residents; and
  • special occasion speaking at nursing home functions.

In order to do these things, we need volunteers. We might even need you.

Most of our volunteers are chaplains – either full-time or associate. As a faith mission, our full-time chaplains must have a call to this field, and are required to raise support. Associate chaplains are part-time workers and aren’t required to raise support. Find out how you can help us reach out to the elderly.

The direction of our Canadian office is determined by a Board of Directors, assisted by our Executive Director, Robert Waddell. Our head office is located in Saint John, New Brunswick. We’re an interdenominational Christian organization.

We’re funded through tax deductible contributions from interested churches and individuals.

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